Aug 16, 2016

I know that you’ve spent many times together on the road. However, no matter how much you try to avoid it, one day you just have to let it go for something better, bigger, or more appropriate for your needs. Disposing of your car online may sound easy, but don’t be surprised to know that there may be pitfalls in selling if you don’t understand what’s in the process. Read on for some hacks to help you get through the selling process with ease.

1. Your car documents

Before anything else, make sure that you have clean papers connected to your car. The top reason is the validation of your ownership of the vehicle that you are trying to sell. Some of the documents that you should secure are car title and the proof of sale, along with the up-to-date government registration proof, inspection records, and VIN documents.

Other important documents that would help sell your car smoothly would be the window sticker that is usually issued when purchasing a brand new vehicle. The window sticker would specifically identify the actual model and type of vehicle that you are selling, which gains the trust of your potential buyer that you are selling a model based on the manufacturer’s description. It is also best to show the service history documentations and logs to show that your car is well-maintained and is in top condition.

2. Ensure that it is in top condition

You don’t just go and sell something that prospective buyers will give low bids, do you? Do your part of ensuring that it is in its best shape prior to the sale to get the best value of it in the marketplace. This is the time for you to do the car check-up, replace parts that aren’t working well, tidy up the body and make sure that all its functions are working like its lights, brake discs, wiper. You can either do it on your own for minor cleanup items, but don’t hesitate to hire professional help if you see fit, like a tune-up or oil change.

3. The main show is the picture

Now that you have tidied the car up, take several photo shoots of it for your prospective buyers to view. You must take images in several angles and include what is expected of the car. I cannot stress well enough how important it is for the images to show crisp and sharp, and the true look of your car. Do not enhance the pictures just to make it look better, as this might just be an issue with the expectation of the potential buyer. If there are any damages or bumps, it is best to take pictures of them as well.

4. Check what is the current market value of your car

It is vital to know how much is the current trading price of the car that you are looking to sell, for you not to make blind offers online. You wouldn’t know if you are offering too low or way higher than the norm if you just based it on your purchase price or the cost of maintenance that you have shelled on it. To establish the right offer price, you can use car pricing tools online, or dig up to the online car selling sites to find out how much other sellers are offering the same model, and how much are the usual asking price of the buyers. It important to mention that you should be aware of the geographical locations, as price ranges vary depending on the location.

5. Submit car listing online
This is the best part when you are about to sell your vehicle out there. Do not settle for one listing only, instead, submit your card listing to handfuls of online car selling marketplaces such as below, and wait for interested parties to contact you.

· Craiglist
· Cars.com
· AutoBlog
· Autotrader
· TrueCar

6. Meet up with the potential buyer

Safety first is the best tip to remember when meeting up with someone in connection to viewing your car. The best place to meet should be in any public places. After some check-ups and negotiations, you might feel like it’s almost a done deal. Not yet, until you are done with the next step. This isn’t the best time to cancel listings until you know all steps have taken place.

7. The actual deal sealer is the fee

When you are both ready to exchange deals, set another meet up in a public place like fire or police station parking lots. While there are plenty of payment modes available, stick to receiving cash for your peace of mind. Before you meet up with the buyer, be prepared with the selling documents, especially the bill of sale, as you will be handing it over to the new owner, along with other pertinent documents in connection to your car. It would be best to get someone to witness the sale, and have the third party sign in the bill as well.
When all have been signed and the payment is with you, you can now hand the keys to the new owner, and bid goodbye to your pal that stayed with you for a while.

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